Cost-Effective, Ease of Care, No Harmful Emissions. So Many Solar Perks!

So you used Lendgo to receive competitive mortgage terms and you just bought your first home. Congratulations! Going from renting to owning can be a big transition, as suddenly you're responsible for a lot more costs. Make the most of your first home, consider installing solar panels as soon as possible!

Did you know that most people purchase three homes during their lifetime? That means that you're not likely to retire in the very first house that you purchase. This begs the question, how do you get the most out of your first home?

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It may seem strange to think about selling your house. After all, you just bought it! But to maximize your return on investment, it's vital to start taking steps now so that when the time does come to sell, you'll be set up to get the highest amount possible. Here are just three reasons to go solar when buying a home for the first time.

1. Increased Home Value

According to a study done by Zillow, homes with solar panels sell for 4.1 percent more than their non-solar counterparts. Of course, this percentage depends on several factors, including the city the home is in.

How exactly does solar affect resale value? By showing a markup of more than $9,000 for a median-valued home. Since solar panels can pay for themselves in as little as eight years, and there is the possibility of qualifying for $0 down installation, it's easy to see how solar is a great move for first-time homeowners.

If you plan on staying in your home for more than seven or eight years, a renewable energy system is a great way to go. You can learn more about your options by connecting with a local solar panel installer today!

2. Reduced Electricity Bill

The main reason why homeowners choose to go solar? Reduced electricity costs, which helps save money. Unlike renting, as a homeowner, whenever something breaks down, you're responsible for the costs associated with getting it fixed or replaced. As you've just dealt with a down payment and closing costs, you'll want to be saving as much money as possible. Solar energy helps you do just that.

Since you can use solar energy during daylight hours, you only need to switch to the electricity grid at night, which means a significantly reduced electricity bill.

See how much you can save, use this solar calculator now!

If your state offers net metering, you can even get credit for the amount of energy that your solar panels add to the grid. For those who are looking to completely rely on solar energy, different battery options can be put to use to store any excess power that isn't used during the day.

Saving money doesn't end with lowered electricity costs. Thanks to the number of state and federal solar incentives and rebates that are available, it's now more cost-effective than ever to go solar. Learn more about state solar incentives today!

3. Minimal Maintenance

A major perk of solar energy is the fact that the panels, for the most part, require no maintenance. Many systems come with comprehensive warranties, and wind and rain help keep the panels clean. As a new homeowner, the less you have to maintain, the better!

Should you live in a particularly dry, dusty area, the most you'll have to do is give the panels a quick wash with a squeegee. Panels have an incredibly long lifespan, between 20-30 years. Even after that term, they don't simply stop producing electricity altogether; instead, the amount they're able to produce will slightly lower as the years go on.

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When it comes to the advantages of solar energy, the list of reasons goes on and on and includes many perks for the environment.

If you're just beginning your search for your first house, let Lendgo help you secure the competitive mortgage terms that you deserve. The money you save on your monthly payments can be put towards a solar panel system, which in turn will add to the value of your home; a win-win all around!

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